Art From Outsider's Point of View

Art From Outsider's Point of View

By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter

It is the era of globalization. Cultural exchanges are growing in popularity and the number of foreigners coming into the country and Koreans going abroad is on the rise, making the words ``hybrid'' and ``multi-cultural'' very familiar to Korean society.
Lee Joo-young, known as Jooyoung Lee abroad, is a young artist who seeks to shed light on this hybrid, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual community that is becoming an important part of Korea through the visualization of snippets of text extracted from Internet blogs in the form of stencil artwork.
ethnic /enk/ 인종의
1. ADJ : usu ADJ n
Ethnic means connected with or relating to different racial or cultural groups of people.
...a survey of Britain's ethnic minorities.
...ethnic tensions.
snippet /snpt/ (snippets) 단편
N-COUNT : oft N of n
A snippet of something is a small piece of it.
...snippets of popular classical music...
``I became interested in hybrid culture as I studied visual arts in the United Kingdom for five years,'' Lee said. ``I came back to Korea after having lived as foreigner in another nation and I began to wonder how foreigners here thought and felt about living in Korean society. I wanted to project myself through the thoughts and words of `outsiders.'''
According to Lee, ``outsiders'' are not only foreigners but also include Koreans or Korean-Americans who feel alienated from Korean society when their individual hopes or viewpoints are criticized or frustrated because of prejudices and narrow-minded norms dictating Korean society.

norm /nrm/ (norms)

1. N-COUNT : usu pl, usu with supp 규범, 표준
Norms are ways of behaving that are considered normal in a particular society.
...the commonly accepted norms of democracy.
...a social norm that says drunkenness is inappropriate behaviour.
2. N-SING : the N, oft N for/of/in n 기준, 평균
If you say that a situation is the norm, you mean that it is usual and expected.
Families of six or seven are the norm in Borough Park...
The changes will lead to more flexible leases, and leases nearer to 15 years than the present norm of 25 years.
3. N-COUNT : usu with supp 기준, 표준
A norm is an official standard or level that organizations are expected to reach. agency which would establish European norms and co-ordinate national policies to halt pollution.
English Spectrum, an Internet message board for English teachers in Korea, which has been shut down temporarily because of sexist comments against Korean women, triggered Lee's enthusiasm for exploring the thoughts and feelings of these outsiders.
``I discovered the Web site in April through a foreigner. Everything I wanted was in the site,'' she said. ``Because it was designed for the active exchange of opinions and information, I could see how foreigners in Korea felt while living here.''
``Although the comments were sometimes very superficial, many of them just venting their anger toward Koreans, I thought they were deserving of attention.''
Since then, she has been collecting snippets of text and words that represented universal thoughts and feelings of outsiders from personal Internet blogs run by foreigners living in Korea or Korean-Americans. She wanted to reveal what was happening in the domestic multi-cultural community through her work.
One of her works says, ``You are always hurry hurry hurry. Where are you hurrying to?'' which she believes shows the hand-to-mouth aspect of Korean society. Added to the text is ``They are hurrying to love'', which she made up by herself. In addition to using the texts in their original form, she also adds some words that express her reaction or perspective.
perspective /prspektv/ (perspectives)
1. N-COUNT : usu with supp 관점, 견해, 전망
A particular perspective is a particular way of thinking about something, especially one that is influenced by your beliefs or experiences.
He says the death of his father 18 months ago has given him a new perspective on life...
Most literature on the subject of immigrants in France has been written from the perspective of the French themselves...
I would like to offer a historical perspective.
2. PHRASE : PHR after v => in perspective : 원근법에 의하여, 전체적 시야로
If you get something in perspective or into perspective, you judge its real importance by considering it in relation to everything else.
If you get something out of perspective, you fail to judge its real importance in relation to everything else.
Remember to keep things in perspective...
It helps to put their personal problems into perspective...
I let things get out of perspective.
3. N-UNCOUNT 원근법, 투시 화법
Perspective is the art of making some objects or people in a picture look further away than others.
Other texts include ``Anything for the right price,'' ``We should send all foreign guys away'' and ``I rove you'', which is phonetically written based on many Koreans' pronunciation of ``I love you'', who often confuse ``l'' with ``r'' when pronouncing them. Through phonetics, she wanted to focus on the trial and error that we face in the process of learning foreign language and accepting foreign culture.

phonetics /fnetks/
The form phonetic is used as a modifier.
1. N-UNCOUNT 음성학, 발음학
In linguistics, phonetics is the study of speech sounds.
2. ADJ : usu ADJ n 음성 체계
Phonetic means relating to the sound of a word or to the sounds that are used in languages.
...the Japanese phonetic system, with its relatively few, simple sounds...
phonetically ADV : ADV with v 발음대로, 음성학상

It's wonderful to watch her now going through things phonetically learning how to spell things.
``Being spread all over the Internet, those raw words could mean nothing and be considered as trash. However, by representing them through stencil work, I wanted to make viewers reconsider the feelings of outsiders and understand people of different cultures and nationalities,'' Lee said.
The stencil work is done on paper as well as on walls and T-shirts. By overlapping sentences and blurring the spray paint, Lee pursues a reverberation effect, symbolizing the cyberspace in which clusters of words, voices and opinions abound. She uses the term ``anarchi-stencil'' for describing her work as it is based on free expression without any restriction.
reverberation /rvrbren/ (reverberations)
1. N-COUNT : usu pl 반향
Reverberations are serious effects that follow a sudden, dramatic event.
The move by the two London colleges is sending reverberations through higher education.
2. N-VAR = echo 반향음, 메아리
A reverberation is the shaking and echoing effect that you hear after a loud sound has been made.
Jason heard the reverberation of the slammed door.
In March, Her stencil art will be demonstrated in a group exhibition with foreign artists in Buia Gallery in New York. Lee plans to hold an exhibition in Seoul in September. She also plans to open a stencil shop later this year or next year in order to give the general public a chance to express their opinions and feelings on T-shirts through stencils.
``Instead of just holding exhibitions as an artist, I would like to contribute to increasing people's interest in art, making people get used to freely expressing their feelings and thoughts through their own works. I am currently thinking about teaching a stencil work to a group of youth,'' she said.
In addition, she has been working on quasi-documentary project based on a collection of interviews with foreigners in Korea. So far, she has interviewed ten foreigners.
``I would like to make those interviews into one complete video work and show them in the Hongdae area, Itaewon or Yongsan, where multicultural communities abound. When I am done with the project, one socialist is to make a book from it. However, the project has been stalled at the moment due to a lack of funds.'' But she is determined to continue it despite difficulties.
``While I was studying in England, one of my English friends asked another English friend who was living with students of various nationalities what it was like to live with foreigners. The response was `What could be so different? They are people just like us!''' she said. ``That answer made me think about how many people were prejudiced against people of different nationalities without trying to realize that they are just humans. I hope people will realize this through my work. Seeing my work, I I hope people will become more open to others and learn to respect the co-existence of diverse opinions and thoughts.''
Lee is a prominent artist who currently lives in Chang-dong art studio, run by government-funded National Museum of Contemporary Art, which is only granted to artists with brisk activities and high-quality performances. Since starting her career as a professional artist in 2001, she has held numerous exhibitions both in Korea and abroad, including Tokyo and London. In April, she developed a project under the title Radio Hue, a radio style sound work that made a multifaceted portrayal of the Seoul art environment of 2004 through interviews and reports with the people working within it, such as artists, gallerists, museum workers and writers.
prominent /prmnnt/
1. ADJ 유명한, 특출한
Someone who is prominent is important.
...a prominent member of the Law Society.
2. ADJ 두드러진, 현저한
Something that is prominent is very noticeable or is an important part of something else.
Here the window plays a prominent part in the design.
prominently ADV : ADV with v
Trade will figure prominently in the second day of talks in Washington...
Lee has made videos and photo collages, where references from fashion and mass media are sampled to constitute new narratives and visual worlds. She has also been working directly in public environment, such as through interventionist performances, magazine spreads and conceptual fashion brands.
constitute /knsttjut, AM -tut/ (constitutes, constituting, constituted)
1. V-LINK : no cont (어떠한 상태를) 만들어내다
If something constitutes a particular thing, it can be regarded as being that thing.
Testing patients without their consent would constitute a professional and legal offence...
2. V-LINK : no cont = comprise 구성요소가 되다, 구성하다
If a number of things or people constitute something, they are the parts or members that form it.
Volunteers constitute more than 95% of The Center's work force.
3. VERB : usu passive = set up 제정하다, 설립하다, 설치하다
When something such as a committee or government is constituted, it is formally established and given authority to operate.[ FORMAL ]
On 6 July a People's Revolutionary Government was constituted...
The accused will appear before a specially constituted military tribunal.
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